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HTC may buy its own smartphone OS

HTC has seen tremendous success with its Android smartphones, reporting record revenue month after month thanks to ballooning handset shipments. HTC’s Android smartphones are also the target of numerous patent attacks, however, and >>

One last batch of TouchPads on the way, HP says

HP’s public relations manager Mark Budgell wrote a blog post Tuesday afternoon confirming a report from Reuters earlier in the day in which HP vice president Todd Bradley suggested the company would resurrect >>

HP may resurrect TouchPad, head of PC business says

On August 18th, HP announced that it was killing off its webOS devices business and considering a possible spin-off of its personal systems group (PSG). The head of HP’s PC business, executive vice >>

No, HP, you're off the mark

Oh nooo. That was the first thought that crossed my mind as I began to read Jon Zilber’s post on HP’s company blog. Quoting Mark Twain? Oh no he didn’t. In a nutshell >>