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Now we know where failed smartphone platforms go to die

One of the weirder trends that I’ve noticed at CES 2015 so far is the resurrection of three thought-to-be-dead smartphone platforms that have been brought back to life as smart TV platforms. Panasonic announced >>

WebOS raised from the dead again, this time as an Android app [video]

Vampires, werewolves and zombies should all be envious of webOS’s resilience. Engadget reports that Phoenix International Communications, a team of volunteers and apparent webOS enthusiasts, have “managed to port [webOS] to a Samsung (005930) Nexus S >>

LG may keep webOS alive with new Smart TV next year

WebOS’s transition from being HP’s (HPQ) failed mobile operating system to open source has been nothing short of strange. After HP killed webOS, consumers and developers were left wondering what kind of products it would >>