Walkman News

Sony Ericsson outs Android powered W8 Walkman phone

Looking for the newest Android 2.1 device? Neither are we. That’s why it’s no surprise Sony Ericsson quietly launched the Walkman W8. It’s the first Android device to sport the firm’s “Walkman” moniker >>

Sony Ericsson "Twiggy" Walkman phone strikes a pose

We’re not exactly sure this upcoming handset from Sony Ericsson is deserving of renowned 90lb supermodel’s name — even as a codename — but slender form or not, the SE Twiggy is the >>

Sony releases OLED Walkman specs

Sony unveiled its upcoming line of iPod Touch competitors earlier this year and much to the surprise of, well everyone, the X1000 series looks impressive. Very impressive in fact. If you can work >>

Rumored Sony Ericsson early 2009 Lineup

This one is for you hardcore Sony Ericsson fans. The folks over at SEMC blog compiled a list of the upcoming Sony Ericsson phones with their codenames and known features. No new smartphones >>