HTC Ozone gets official with Verizon Wireless; available June 29th for $50

June 25th at 10:26 AM

HTC Ozone gets official with Verizon Wireless; available June 29th for $50

No surprises with this one as our leaked spy shots, release date, pricing details and specifications were all spot on. Today, Verizon Wireless made all that we already knew about the HTC Ozone official. Those looking for a basic Windows Mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard will only have to shell out a meager $49.99 after $70 mail-in rebate and 2-year contract for the HTC Ozone. The Ozone will be available online, through telesales and B2B channels starting June 29th with a full in store retail launch to follow on July 13th. Yeah, it’s not the Tour but $49 for a sweet new Windows Mobile smartphone isn’t too shabby at all.



Complete HTC Ozone specs unearthed

June 22nd at 8:01 AM

Complete HTC Ozone specs unearthed

We’ve already given the world its first peek and Verizon’s upcoming HTC Ozone, nailed down its scheduled availability of June 29th/July 13th and pegged its pricing at $49.99 after MIR, but we’re not done yet because two of our VZW ninjas just hit us up with the complete spec list for the device — and plenty more. Just as we suspected, the Ozone features EV-DO Rev. A connectivity in addition to quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE. We’re also pleased to report that the GPS chip is not shackled to VZ Navigator and that Verizon will allow users to use the device as a tethered modem (for a fee of course). Hit the jump for the rest of the specs along with a sizable Ozone deck.

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HTC Ozone to land on Verizon June 29th

June 20th at 9:12 AM

HTC Ozone to land on Verizon June 29th

Remember the HTC Ozone? Of course you do and so does one of our Verizon ninjas because we’ve received word that the Ozone (also known as the XV6175, Snap, Cedar and Willow if you’re so inclined) will apparently be available online starting June 29th with brick and mortar availability to follow on July 13th. Pricing is still something we’ve yet to zero in on but if you’re the sort of person who stands by Big Red and are absolutely dying to get your hands on an all-too-rare WinMo-powered candybar with a full-QWERTY, then something tells us price is no object. Right?

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UPDATE: Looks as if pricing will be $119.99 on a 2-year although it looks like there will also be a $70 MIR.