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VR News

Google makes VR even easier for YouTube

Google is big on virtual reality (VR), and that’s no secret. The company has already integrated VR into various products, including YouTube and Android, setting up the building blocks of what may turn >>

How one gamer turned his Nintendo Switch into a VR headset

Between the surprising popularity of PlayStation VR to Microsoft’s promise to bring virtual reality experiences to Project Scorpio, it seems only a matter of time before Nintendo introduces its own VR solution. Unfortunately >>

This VR add-on lets you actually feel virtual weather

Virtual reality is all about suspending your disbelief and letting your mind pretend that you’re actually present in the space your eyes and ears are feeding you information about. That feeling of presence can >>

Netflix and HBO launch virtual reality apps on Google Play

Over the past week, Netflix and HBO have each launched virtual reality apps for Android on the Google Play store. Netflix VR was only available the Oculus Store before this week, but now that Google’s Daydream >>