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Data, text usage surpasses voice in the U.S.

Level with us — for all the complaining you do about your carrier not offering an affordable unlimited talk plan, how many minutes do you actually spend yapping on your cell phone per >>

Google Shopper makes its debut in the Android market

Fresh out of Google Labs is yet another application that Google can add to its growing Android library and embed on future phones. This time we have Google Shopper, a shopping application that >>

Google Voice to support number portability

Google Voice is a service that has tremendous potential and as such, we’ll be watching it closely over the months to come. Last week, we showed you the service’s current mobile capabilities and >>

Mobile sites show us where Google Voice might be going

In all of the hubbub surrounding Google’s recent revival and transformation of GrandCentral, one of the greatest aspects of the service was lost in the fray by most — mobile access to google.com/voice. >>