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How to stop your Vizio TV from spying on you

We have some good news and some bad news for all the Vizio TV owners out there. The good news is that you’re smart enough to recognize what a fantastic value Vizio TVs >>

Vizio admits to spying on you through your smart TV

Reports revealed in November 2015 that Vizio Smart TVs were collecting data about its customers without their knowledge, virtually spying on everything users watched on their TVs. The US Federal Trade Commission filed >>

3 awesome 4K TV deals available on Amazon right now

After seeing the eye-widening collection of 4K, 8K and quantum dot televisions at CES 2015, you’re probably resisting the urge to upgrade your own living room display, but we’re going to make it >>

Vizio tops U.S. LCD HDTV shipments in Q1

Vizio on Wednesday announced that it had shipped more LCD HDTVs than any other vendor in the first quarter of 2012. The company captured an 18.5% market share of the LCD HDTV industry >>

Sony, Samsung, Vizio and LG to manufacture Google TV devices

After a slow first year, Google is finally looking to make a big splash with the company’s Google TV platform. The Mountain View-based firm announced Thursday that Sony, Samsung, Vizio and LG will all be manufacturing >>