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Virgin Mobile launches contract-free HTC One V for just $199

The chin is in at Virgin Mobile — the Sprint-owned prepaid wireless carrier has quietly launched one of HTC’s latest and greatest smartphones, the entry-level-but-quite-capable HTC One V. Complete with a throwback Android >>

Apple’s iPhone now available from Virgin Mobile

The world’s most popular smartphone is now available as a prepaid handset on Virgin Mobile. The 8GB iPhone 4 is being offered for $549, while the newer 16GB Phone 4S costs $649 with >>

Sprint to acquire Virgin Mobile for $483 million

Didn’t see this one coming… Apparently Branson’s Helio-hawking MVNO Virgin Mobile is about to be gobbled up by the nation’s number three. Sprint has officially announced its intentions to acquire the popular prepaid >>

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go is a go

Just one day after we scooped fresh product shots of Virgin Mobile USA’s first mobile broadband device, the Novatel Wireless MC760, the company has announced the availability of its contract-free Broadband2Go service. Touted >>