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First look at SlingPlayer for Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Sling Media has been the go-to provider for video placeshifting solutions for nearly seven years now. The California-based company launched its first Slingbox in 2005, enabling users to watch live television exactly as >>

Baristas get ‘Samsunged’ in new Galaxy S II ad [video]

While smartphone users in general may eventually be caught in the crossfire brought about by Apple and Samsung’s patent battles, a very specific group of smartphone users has become collateral damage in Samsung’s >>

YouTube videos viewed 21 billion times in October

YouTube served up more than 20 billion video views during the month of October — 49.1% of all 42.6 billion video views on the web during the month. The research was recently published >>

Samsung Galaxy Nexus caught on video

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Google’s upcoming flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, has leaked out in video form courtesy of, and it’s almost a minute and half >>