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Don’t buy the crap T-Mobile (or anyone else) is selling

T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to YouTube today to unleash one of his patented down-with-the-kids tirades against Verizon. The subject? Verizon’s recent ad campaign against T-Mobile, which Legere claims to be a bunch >>

Verizon said to be launching data plans for drones

People buy data plans for their smartphones so they can send email, check Facebook, and more, but what about a data plan for your drone? Wireless carrier Verizon will start selling such plans >>

Imagine receiving this $9,000 Verizon bill

Shock cellphone bills are mostly a cliche by this point, but racking up a $9,000 bill without ever leaving the country is just plain impressive. That’s why this Florida woman doesn’t think Verizon >>

Verizon is offering a free* iPhone 7 deal, too

Why pay for your brand new iPhone 7 when you can get one for free*? T-Mobile and Sprint slapped together a couple of somewhat convoluted promotions in an effort to woo iPhone upgraders, and >>

The only bad cell company is Sprint

For the longest time, there was a Big Two of mobile networks. AT&T and Verizon were the only players with good coverage, and T-Mobile/Sprint/US Cellular were for the poor people. Well, times they are >>