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T-Mobile isn’t messing around with making its network better

T-Mobile, for all its cheeky promotions and positive speed tests, still has a coverage problem. Compared to AT&T and Verizon, T-Mobile’s network mostly runs on higher-band spectrum that’s bad at penertrating buildings or >>

Every single wireless network is better this year

RootMetrics, one of the larger annual network tests, has come out with its latest report. Normally, speed and reliability tests have good and bad news, depending on what color your wireless loyalty is. >>

Verizon drops to third place in new wireless speed test

A new set of results from Ookla, the company behind the immensely popular Speedtest service, has some bad news for Verizon. The carrier that charges the most money for the “best” network appears >>

Verizon wasn’t hacked, but change your PIN right now

Verizon wasn’t hacked, but customers who used the company’s customer support service in the past six months should take action to protect their accounts, as personal data may have been accessed by hackers. >>