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Valve’s vision: The triumph of corporate anarchy

Whether you realize it or not, Valve is about to become a very important player in not just the gaming world but the tech industry as a whole. The hugely popular game developer >>

Valve announces its Steam Machines line of gaming consoles

Right on the heels of Monday’s announcement, Valve has announced the hardware companion to SteamOS — Steam Machines. The long-rumored console previously dubbed the ‘Steam Box’ reached legendary status in recent months as rumors >>

Half-Life 3 rumored to be an open world game set for 2013 launch

Fans awaiting the sequel to Valve’s critically-acclaimed Half-Life 2 might not have to wait much longer. According to Journal Du Gamer, Half-Life 3 is reportedly “well underway although much work remains.” The website’s insider >>

Valve: Agree to not sue us or lose access to Steam

Gamers beware: Valve Software, the firm behind immensely popular gaming portal Steam, wants you to waive your right to sue before you continue gathering games using its digital distribution platform. The company has amended its >>