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Sprint announces U1901 4G WiMax data stick

Today, Sprint announced the U1901 4G USB WiMax modem. The device is, “compatible with both PC and Mac computers, connecting laptops or netbooks to blazing-fast 4G speeds.” The USB device weighs in at >>

Palm Pixi gets unboxed before its release

Oh, you don’t remember? Well we’re back at it again, this time with one of our connects doing the unboxing ritual for us. There’s not all that much exciting to report, you know >>

Palm Touchstone: not just a charging dock

Every so often an interesting story surfaces that has regrettably been passed over. One such story is the case of the Palm Touchstone, the wireless charging dock for the upcoming Palm Pre. During >>

Is this the butt of the new Mac mini?

Late last night a photo that is purported to be of the butt-end of the upcoming new Mac mini surfaced on the internet causing quite a fuss within the Apple community. Starting with >>

Samsung looks to make wireless phones more… wireless

Somewhere over the rainbow in a land far away, wireless phones will actually be wireless. We’re not just talking about cellular voice and data here of course, we’re talking about handsets that can >>