DROID Incredible rooted

June 10th at 7:57 AM

DROID Incredible rooted


Hear ye, hear ye. HTC DROID Incredible owners with a hankering for the “#” rejoice, as the good folks over at Unrevoked have added Verizon’s latest Android offering to their rooting lineup. The Unrevoked site does warn:

“This hack is for power users only right now, and is not as simple as unrevoked is. We are working on expanding the race window.”

So be careful, and if you do decide to give your Incredible a good old fashion rootin’, do let us know how it goes in the comments.

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Hackers urge all EVO 4G owners to root device citing security flaws

June 3rd at 9:57 PM

Hackers urge all EVO 4G owners to root device citing security flaws


Remember how jubilant we all were the first time the EVO 4G was successfully rooted? Well we’re not smiling anymore. According to Matt Mastracci, one of the men responsible for the first successful root, customizations made to the UI at the request of Sprint have made the phone an easy target to a “whole suite of vulnerabilities” which “are so bad that an Android application could get access to [a user’s personal] data with very little work.” As a temporary workaround, Mastracci suggests that EVO 4G owners root their device and is planning to release on Friday a “painless root” too dubbed unrevoked. Mastracci also said that if “Sprint gave users root access to their phone, he and the two hackers he is working with would “be sending these vulnerabilities straight to Sprint.” But until Sprint abandons its “anti-user approach”, Mastracci said he and his team would “hold the exploits close to our chest.”

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