Tablet takeover: Pew study shows how tablets are changing consumer behavior [infographic]

October 25th at 12:30 PM

Tablet takeover: Pew study shows how tablets are changing consumer behavior [infographic]

Tablet adoption is exploding in the United States and a new study conducted by Pew Research Center shows that 11% of consumers in the U.S. now own tablets just 18 months after Apple redefined the category in March of 2010. According to Pew’s survey of 1,159 tablet owners in the U.S., 77% of them use their tablets daily — about 90 minutes per day on average — and 53% of tablet owners use their slates to read news each day. 67% of owners in the U.S. use their tablets for general web browsing, and other popular activities include sending and receiving email (54%), social networking (39%), gaming (30%), reading books (17%) and watching movies and videos (13%). A massive infographic highlighting key findings from Pew’s study follows below. More →


TweetGenius v1.1 launches!

October 30th at 3:32 PM

TweetGenius v1.1 launches!


That’s right, y’all! We’re back. Sorry to keep you waiting but we wanted to make sure this was rock solid, and we really wanted to add in some more features that people have been requesting. TweetGenius v1.1 is now available for purchase and supports practically every BlackBerry. That includes the Storm and Storm2! Here’s some of the new features we added:

  • Send tweets
  • Automatically fetch new tweets in the background
  • Save tweets as favorites
  • Delete tweets
  • Send your GPS location
  • Send photos to numerous online photo services
  • Shorten URLs with
  • View trends in real time
  • Search
  • Mark messages as read when you’re done reading them
  • Customize themes and fonts
  • View photos
  • View user profiles and timelines
  • View users by both username and real name

      That’s some of the improvements we’ve made and we’re sure you’re going to love them. So… what are you waiting for? Couple more shots after the jump!

      Note: SureType handsets aren’t compatible at this time. More →


      AdMob issues June report; 46% of iPhone/iPod touch users are outside the US, Android OS share balloons

      July 23rd at 11:21 AM

      AdMob issues June report; 46% of iPhone/iPod touch users are outside the US, Android OS share balloons

      Oui oui! In its latest mobile metrics report, AdMob takes a look at the geographic distribution of the iPhone and iPod touch for the first time (publicly, at least). Truth be told, the results are pretty interesting. First, the background: AdMob serves mobile ads and is surely the go-to option for iPhone OS devs and mobile Web devs alike. The group analyzed data from over 16.8 million unique iPhones and iPod touch units browsing over 7,000 mobile sites and using over 2,500 different ad-toting apps over the course of June. Here are some highlights from AdMob’s findings:

      • 54 percent of iPhone and iPod touch users are in the United States.
      • Following the U.S., France, Germany and the UK each had more than five percent of all iPhone and iPod touch devices.
      • iPod touch users represent 38 percent of total iPhone OS devices in North America.
      • Of the 45 million iPhone OS devices Apple has sold, approximately 13 million iPhones and 12 million iPod touch units have been sold in the US. That leaves roughly 20 million devices spread across the rest of the world.

      Looking beyond Apple, AdMob tosses=d a tasty little Android tidbit in last month’s report as well. “Requests from the Android OS increased 25 percent month over month. Android has five percent worldwide OS share and is slightly ahead of Windows Mobile for the first time.” Ok don’t get too excited — Android hasn’t yet exceeded Windows mobile’s market share where devices are concerned. Apparently Android users just do a whole lot more browsing and play with a whole lot more apps than WinMo users. Hit the jump for AdMob’s press release.

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