TouchFLO 3D News

AT&T now selling the HTC Tilt2 for $299.99

Considering the fact that all four carriers in the US offer up the Tilt2 in one form or another, why pick AT&T over Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon? >>

TELUS' HTC Touch Pro2 now available at Best Buy

Oh Best Buy, how we love you so. It doesn’t seem to matter to you whether or not a carrier has officially launched a device, because you’re in the big box business and >>

Rumor time: HTC Leo Edition

The internet is abuzz this morning with the rumor that a new clamshell smartphone is coming soon from HTC. Evidence of the handset, codenamed LEO, is said to have been found within a >>

Sprint preparing HTC Touch Diamond in red?

Usually carriers wait until a device has been on the market a while before re-releasing it in myriad colors. If these promo shots are to be believed, however, it looks like Sprint might >>