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Survey shows actually yes, you would download a car

In the mid-2000s, the movie industry sponsored a series of ads that equated illegally downloading a movie to committing a series of badly-shot crimes out of a low-budget Oceans movie. It was supposed to burn >>

Five of 2016’s biggest movies just leaked to torrent sites

Throughout history, pirates have been known for their insatiable appetite and reckless abandon, but the same can’t be said of movie pirates in 2016. Rather, the Hollywood screener leak scene was suspiciously quiet >>

‘Netflix for pirates’ is already dead

The pirate’s answer to Netflix is now offline. Popcorn Time streamed dozens of free movies straight from their torrent files to computers all around the world, and the creators never stopped claiming that >>

Police reportedly plan to raid The Pirate Bay

Swedish authorities have reportedly secured warrants and are planning to raid The Pirate Bay. Unnamed Pirate Bay team members speaking with TorrentFreak claim to have learned that the raid is currently being planned >>