YouTube touts over 1 trillion video playbacks in 2011 [video]

December 20th at 9:25 PM

YouTube touts over 1 trillion video playbacks in 2011 [video]

Google on Tuesday announced that videos on YouTube were collectively played more than 1 trillion times this past year. In its look back on the year in YouTube videos, Google revealed that it served more playbacks than ever before in 2011. To quantify the massive figure, the company noted in a blog post that a trillion playbacks represents about 140 views for each person on earth, or more than twice the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Hit the break for a quick countdown of the 10 most popular YouTube videos of 2011 hosted by none other than Rebecca Black. More →

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Sly developer reveals most common iPhone passcodes

June 14th at 5:45 PM

Sly developer reveals most common iPhone passcodes

Daniel Amitay, the iPhone developer who created “Big Brother Camera Security” application, has released a list of the top 10 iPhone passcodes. Amity implemented code into his last software update that allowed the application to record passwords entered in by its users. Since his app’s lock and passcode screens look identical to the iPhone’s, he argues that his data reflects an iPhone user’s actual password. Of the 204,508 recorded passcodes collected, the most popular was, not surprisingly, 1234. That’s followed by 0000, 2580, 1111, 5555, 5683, 0852, 2222, 1212, and 1998. Amity says those codes represent 15% of all passwords in use. As you might expect, many of them follow simple patterns on the keyboard. “iloveyou” has always been a popular password and 5683, the No. 6 passcode on the list, can be translated into ‘LOVE’ on a standard alphanumeric keypad. Amitay also found that the numbers 1990-2000 were all in the top 50 passcodes, and 1980 – 1989 were all in the top 100, suggesting that many users may be entering in the year of their birth or graduation. Hit the jump for another chart. More →


Apple reveals top iPhone, iPad apps of 2010

December 9th at 12:21 PM

Apple reveals top iPhone, iPad apps of 2010

Apple revealed its top iOS apps of 2010 on Thursday, and the list is broken down into six categories — top free, top paid and top grossing apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, and the same three categories for the iPad. There aren’t many surprises to be found, with Angry Birds taking the top spot in the paid iPhone apps category, and Apple’s Pages app coming in at No. 1 in the paid iPad apps category. Facebook was the top free iPhone app, iBooks was the top free iPad app, and At Bat 2010 and iBooks were the top-grossing apps for the iPhone and iPad, respectively. Hit the break for the full list of Apple’s top iOS apps of 2010. More →


Top 10 posts of 2009

December 31st at 6:43 PM

Top 10 posts of 2009


Another year, and even more devices, products, and services to look forward to. Things will be smaller, more advanced, faster, and some new markets might even be defined, but for now, check out the top 10 posts of 2009 (by traffic):

1. Motorola DROID hands on

2. BlackBerry vs. iPhone 3G: yeah, we definitely went there

3. Android 2.0 screenshot walkthrough

4. BlackBerry 9700 Review: Part 1

5. Nokia E71 Review

6. BlackBerry Curve 8900 hands on

7. Palm Pre Review: Part 1

8. T-Mobile’s Walmart roadmap: the wrap up

9. BlackBerry Tour hitting Verizon Wireless in July?

10. Motorola Calgary live photos: Verizon’s second Motorola Android device

Thanks to all our readers, connects, ninjas, and writers!

UPDATE: The above posts are listed by traffic, even if they weren’t published in 2009. Since most people expected just 2009-published articles, we’ve listed those after the break.> More →


The top 10 things we hate about the BlackBerry

January 20th at 7:17 PM

The top 10 things we hate about the BlackBerry

We gave you our iPhone list, and while this probably has many more minor annoyances than actual feature omissions, we still thought it would be fun to put a list of our gripes together. Some of these might be device-specific, but you’ll get a general feel for the direction we’re going and why these things piss us off to no end.

1. The ridiculous limit on file sizes when downloading from the browser. Look, if I want to download a friggin’ video file, let me.

2. Attachments are pretty bad and it has to do with RIM’s ever-so-sneaky compression. We’ve heard that when data is sent over their network, it literally can take a 100kb file and compress it to around 7kb. (A carrier’s dream). Just let us get the entire file without having to constantly wait for it to render when we zoom it, etc.

3. Specifically speaking for the Bold, the “R” shortcut key no longer takes you to the Alarm. This pains me.

4. Actually, about shortcuts… for a product that excels on making your life easier and offering up a ton of user-customization, there is no reason we shouldn’t be able to program our own shortcut keys. If I want the letter “B” to take me to the Memo Pad, then let me do it damn it. I’m tired of being stuck at the mercy of RIM’s shortcut key assignment. They make no sense and they are hardly integrated in 3rd party applications.

5. When you get a pop-up menu, there are no boundaries to where you can scroll. Let’s use one of the Application Permissions screens. Why am I allowed to scroll above “Yes” and below “No”? There are only two options yet it seems as if you could scroll to China before selecting one of them.

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The top 10 things we hate about the iPhone

January 20th at 12:54 PM

The top 10 things we hate about the iPhone

Look, we love our iPhones as much as the person, but at this late point in the game, there are some things that are just inexcusable. Here’s our top 10 things we hate about the iPhone, and we’ll post up our top 10 things we hate about the Bold later on. Feel free to chime in with your own! Also note that we’re talking about the iPhone in its default state, not a jailbreaked unit. Here’s our list in no particular order:

1. You can’t use custom sounds for email notifications, SMS, etc.

2. Copy and paste. Sorry, but it’s ridiculous at this point.

3. When forwarding an email with an attachment, the iPhone sends it out locally. That means if you have a 1MB attachment, you have to send 1MB worth of data when forwarding. This doesn’t happen on Windows Mobile or the BlackBerry — it’s sent from the server. Not cool.

4. No unified inbox. At this point, there’s no reason you should have to go through the rigmarole of switching through tabs and endless menus to get to another email inbox. Cut this down, give us color-coded emails that correspond with that particular account — something!

5. Video recording. Again, it’s technically possible, but we don’t have it.

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