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Details on LG's enV G and Windows Phone 7 slider

A new connect has come forward and provided us with some details on LG’s future phone plans that we thought we would share. According to our source, the LG enV Touch 2 that >>

Dell Thunder prototype detailed

It seems as though the mobile phone stork delivered a set of twins to Engadget… smartphone twins that is. The blog was gifted with two Dell Thunder Android smartphone prototypes, and they’ve done the honor >>

BlackBerry Storm User Guide

While we wait for RIM’s ex-IDF teams to storm (har, har) the office, we’ve decided to share a ton of pages from the BlackBerry Storm’s User Guide with our loyal readers. It’s a >>

BlackBerry Storm: we’ve been had

I’ll keep this short, but as most of you that are following the BlackBerry Storm developments over the past couple days know, Verizon has “introduced” the BlackBerry Storm internally. They even published a >>

Blackberry Storm goes live on Verizon’s Website

We told you it was coming (a day late but not a dollar short) and now it’s officially here! The Blackberry Storm has officially gone live on Verizon’s website for all to see >>

BlackBerry Thunder 9500 live shot?

We’re so confused…Engadget picked up this photo from HorizonWireless and they claim it to be a picture of the BlackBerry Thunder. Ah, come on, guys, you don’t remember the Thunder? In all seriousness >>