RealD takes home MMC's technology 'Breakthrough of the Year' award, presented by Crest 3D

August 16th at 9:23 AM

RealD takes home MMC's technology 'Breakthrough of the Year' award, presented by Crest 3D

Mail.com held its annual “Breakthrough of the Year” awards show in Los Angeles last night, and — in honor of BGR — they added a technology category to this year’s show. The winner of this year’s Breakthrough award in technology category was RealD. The official line goes something like this: “Using the characteristics of human perception to create a 3D image, the 2010 Breakthrough in Technology award recognizes RealD for the significant impact its breakthrough patented technology has had on our lives. From entertainment to piloting the Mars Rover, heads-up displays for military jets and robotic medical procedures.” For those of you who aren’t familiar with RealD, they are the company behind the cinema technology used to display movies in 3D (e.g. Avatar, Despicable Me, Toy Story 3, etc.). RealD’s self-written elevator speech looks like this:

We license our RealD Cinema Systems to motion picture exhibitors that show 3D motion pictures and alternative 3D content. We also provide our RealD Format, active and passive eyewear, and display and gaming technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers and content producers and distributors to enable the delivery and viewing of 3D content on high definition televisions, laptops and other displays.

Congrats to RealD! Hit the read link to see all of the other award winners. Anyone seen a 3D flick in a RealD cinema? More →


ST-Ericsson and Ericsson successfully demonstrate LTE to HSPA handoff

December 15th at 10:54 AM

ST-Ericsson and Ericsson successfully demonstrate LTE to HSPA handoff


Stockholm, Sweden is the place to be for cutting edge LTE technology. An active LTE network has been deployed and is being extensively used for testing — one of the first successful trials demonstrated the interoperability of LTE and HSPA networks. In the trial, a multi-mode LTE/HSPA device powered by ST-Ericsson’s commercially available M710 platform was used to launch an LTE mobile broadband data call. The call was then successfully transferred from the LTE network to an HSPA network. Sounds like small beans but seamless switching between LTE and HSPA is critical for the smooth transition from our current network technology to LTE, and with this first successful hand-off, we are one small step closer to commercially available LTE. More →


Flipswap your old phone for cash

November 12th at 12:41 PM

Flipswap your old phone for cash


It looks like Radio Shack isn’t the only green game in town when it comes to swapping out your unused gadgets for some cash. California-based Flipswap has just received a whopping $14 million in venture funding to help expand its cell phone and iPod recycling program. Pretty impressive for a “green” company in this uncertain economy. With all of you buying or planning to buy new handsets this winter season, we figure there are a lot of older, now unused handsets floating around. Yeah, some of you will go the eBay or Craigslist route but if you’re looking for an alternative way to offload your phone, you may want to check out Flipswap which will give you cash in return for your old cell phone or iPod. Flipswap is located in 6,000 retail locations and have even partnered with a few online vendors like Newegg and Amazon so you can get cash in the form of a gift card for your old phone. If your phone is too decrepit for cash, Flipswap will still take it for recycling purposes and will plant a tree in your name instead. One new tree is much better than one new handset in a landfill and this year alone Flipswap has planted an estimated 28,000 trees! BlackBerry owners in particular should take note as Flipswap recently partnered with RIM and will give you an extra $50 if you swap an old BlackBerry for a new BlackBerry. The company is also in the process of expanding its retail program so you can get cash for your old phone and apply it immediately to your new handset purchase. w00t! Flipswap is definitely worth looking into before you toss that old handset into your garbage can. Think green and recycle, y’all! Hit the read link for more info or if you’re a Berry addict, go straight to Flipswap’s dedicated BlackBerry page.