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Microsoft’s Surface is officially a flop

Microsoft positioned its Surface as a competitor to Apple’s iPad and if that is indeed the case, Microsoft has failed miserably. In documents filed with the Securities and Exchange commission on Tuesday, Microsoft >>

Microsoft teases two new Surface models for 2014

Microsoft isn’t letting disappointing first-generation sales stop it from releasing new versions of its Surface tablet. ZDNet on Wednesday spotted a new Microsoft product roadmap slide for 2014, which the company is billing >>

Microsoft eyes iPad mini as exec hints at smaller Surface

Microsoft managed to emerge somewhat unscathed from the first quarter’s PC sales decline as it handily topped analysts’ fiscal third-quarter consensus and posted profits that grew 20% over the same period last year. >>

WSJ: Microsoft is prepping a 7-inch Surface tablet

What a coincidence — on the same day market research firm IDC reported that the PC industry saw its worst-ever decline, The Wall Street Journal has leaned the Microsoft (MSFT) is working on >>