RIM’s SurePress wins “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” award

February 19th at 12:31 PM

RIM’s SurePress wins “Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” award

It’s no big secret that industry awards are often nothing more than a sham with awards earmarked here and there so that each company can walk away with another excuse for a bad press release. Some of the awards given out this past Tuesday at the Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona however, are making us scratch our heads more than usual. We don’t mean to single out any companies in particular, but when we saw that RIM’s SurePress got the nod for the Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough we were absolutely flabbergasted. Breakthrough in what way? And don’t give us that whole “precision typing and navigation enables a whole [sic] range of applications and features that have not been possible on a touchscreen mobile device” spin that some random PR intern cooked up.

We honestly struggled for a long time to think of a single application for the Storm that is better than any of the alternatives for other touchscreen handsets and we simply couldn’t do it. Now before some of you go off and start whining about how “BGR hates BlackBerry” you should know how untrue that is — there’s room enough in our hearts and on our belts for all phones. If you knew how many BlackBerry devices we’ve owned (and still own) collectively, you’d know how much we love the ‘Berry. The simple fact of the matter is the more time we spend with SurePress the more frustrated we get with it.

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Bell launches the BlackBerry Storm

December 10th at 8:48 PM

Bell launches the BlackBerry Storm

Not wanting to be left out of the party, Bell has followed Telus’ lead and announced that it too has released the BlackBerry 9530 Storm in Canada. Available today in the Greater Toronto Area, the Storm will be “widely available at stores” across Canada tomorrow. If you live in a more rural area and prefer to order your phones online, then bell.ca won’t be listing the Storm until tomorrow. As for the cost of the phone, Bell is asking for 3-years and $249.99 in conjunction with a minimum of $45 of voice and data per month. ($5 more per month than Telus requires.) As for the levels of stock that each store will receive, we’re afraid that it’s not a whole lot because Bell has been emailing their most valued customers $50-off coupons for the Storm that are valid for all of January. All things lead us to believe that Bell is doing what Telus is doing — only offering the device to new customers until adequate levels of stock arrive.

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Forget the iPhone, Verizon pits the Storm against the Bold

November 15th at 1:58 PM

Forget the iPhone, Verizon pits the Storm against the Bold

Blackberry Storm vs Bold

In a little bit of marketing madness, Verizon Wireless matches its flagship BlackBerry Storm up against the BlackBerry Bold. We have already seen them champion the Storm over the iPhone and AT&T retaliate with their own smear campaign. Now it is time to take the smack talk to another level with some BlackBerry on BlackBerry action. So why does Verizon think the Storm is way better than the Bold?

  • Verizon has a bigger and better network
  • The Storm’s screen trumps the Bold and it has the cutting edge SurePress input method. The Bold is old school with its trackball and physical QWERTY keyboard
  • The Storm has more : more microSD storage and more megapixels
  • The Storm has both VZ Navigator & BlackBerry maps (though we’re not sure we would consider VZ Nav to be an advantage)
  • The Storm has V Cast Music with Rhapsody, while the Bold has nothing. (Guess Verizon does not think too highly of the AT&T mobile music store. They wont even acknowledge its existence!)

Last but not least, Verizon answers the age old question, why doesn’t the Storm have Wi-Fi? Its answer: because you don’t need it on the nation’s biggest and best network! Those are fighting words there, Verizon. We will let our AT&T peeps respond in the comments. Fire away when ready!

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