Microsoft KIN Two Preview

May 5th at 12:01 AM

Microsoft KIN Two Preview


We’ve only been using the Microsoft KIN Two for about half a day. Even though that isn’t enough time to put a comprehensive review together, we can still comment on our initial reactions about the device.

The Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two are aimed at a non-professional crowd, mostly the young Justin Bieber generation. For phones in this category, they definitely do pack a punch. For starters, there is Microsoft Exchange support (no calendar support), an 8 megapixel camera with 720p video capture, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and all the social networking integration you could want. Microsoft actually is not very spec-heavy when pushing this device as they realize the specifications are almost irrelevant to the target buyer — and that’s smart.

The real issue is that we cannot remember a phone in recent memory that has felt so cheap and so clunky to use. Seriously. For some reason — and I am really not exaggerating here — I do not remember ever being so frustrated with a phone. It is slow and far from intuitive. There are feature phones that I would rather carry around with me. The one saving grace we thought the KIN had was that the data plans would be more economical than the traditional $30/month unlimited data packages. Well, we were wrong. The KIN Two goes for $99.99 on a two year contract after $100 MIR, but you still need that $30 data plan on top of your texting plan, on top of your voice plan (or family plan). I’m sorry, but I don’t see the advantage of a device this limited in this day and age, not with $100 Android devices, $100 iPhones, and $100 BlackBerry handsets (that all use the same $30/month data package). The concept is fine, but the execution is more a mashup of glitter, key lime pie, and a crappy stained glass window artist all thrown together under Sharp’s assembly lines.


Yes, the added value stuff is cool — KIN Studio lets you see a historical archive of your entire phone, complete with text messages, photos and videos, and KIN Loop on the homepage is great in theory — but again, the execution here is the issue, and it reminds me of Motorola’s MOTOBLUR mess of a homescreen.

Going one step further, this device kind of spoiled my excitement for Windows Phone 7 — it is definitely not the same (though they do have the same base kernel), but it seems to be a little peak into that window, and from where I am standing, I don’t like the view. We have some photos ready to go in the gallery, plus the HTC Incredible makes a cameo for some size comparisons.

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Microsoft's Project Pink unveiling

April 12th at 1:12 PM

Microsoft's Project Pink unveiling


Not even a whole two months removed from their announcing Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft is back today with another event in which it is expected to reveal its Project Pink line-up including the handsets known as the “Pure” and “Turtle”. Whether or not they’ll run WP7 or something else entirely isn’t clear, but all of this will soon be clear. As the event carries on we’ll be updating this post with the latest information, so be sure to check often lest you be left out of the loop. All of the goodness is after the jump. More →


Dell confirms Mini 3 headed to AT&T, reveals 5 inch tablet prototype and updates its PC lineup

January 7th at 2:40 PM

Dell confirms Mini 3 headed to AT&T, reveals 5 inch tablet prototype and updates its PC lineup


Dell unleashed a deluge of products and information upon us today. First up is some clarification on Dell’s Mini 3 smartphone. Though Dell announced its Android-powered Mini 3 handset and AT&T announced that it was getting a Dell handset yesterday, neither company confirmed the obvious — that the Dell Mini 3 is headed for AT&T. Thankfully, Dell came to its senses and confirmed today that the Mini 3 is indeed coming to AT&T. Dell also confirmed that it is working on a prototype 5 inch tablet, which looks curiously similar to the previously leaked Dell Streak. Rounding things out, Dell refreshed its PC and notebook lineup by redesigning its Inspiron series of PCs, introducing the sweet new Alienware M11x — a netbook-sized gaming machine, debuting an updated version of its Studio 14 notebook, and replacing the older Core 2 Duo with Intel’s latest Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. Hit the jump for the full press release and a few press photos of the prototype tablet and the new Alienware M11x. More →


Dell Studio XPS 13 and XPS 16 debut on Dell website

January 7th at 10:57 AM

Dell Studio XPS 13 and XPS 16 debut on Dell website

Dell Studio XPS 1340 1640

Just as expected, Dell’s rumored Studio XPS notebooks made their debut on Dell’s website just in time for CES. According to the respective product pages, the new Studio XPS 1340 and XPS 1640 come in Obsidian Black with leather accents and will feature the following specs:

  • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo P8400 (3MB cache/2.26GHz/1066Mhz FSB)
  • Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition SP1, 64-bit
  • Edge-to-Edge HD Widescreen 16.0 inch WLED LCD (1366×768) W/2.0 MP  or Edge-to-Edge 13.3″ HD WXGA LCD with 2.0 Megapixel Camera
  • 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1067MHz (2 Dimms)
  • 320GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • 8X DVD+/- RW(DVD/CD read/write) Slot Load Drive (Sorry no Blu-Ray!)
  • ATI Mobility RADEON® M86XT – 512MB
  • Dell Wireless 1515 802.11n Half Mini-Card
  • 6-cell Battery
  • High Definition Audio 2.0
  • Bundled with 15 months of McAfee Security Center, Dell Online Backup 2GB for 1 year , Microsoft Works
  • 1Yr In-Home Service, Parts + Labor,24×7 Phone Support
  • $200 Promo Dell Gift Card Card – Card to arrive 6-8 weeks after purchase

Both the Studio XPS 1340 and the Studio XPS 1640 have listed starting prices of $1,149. Pricing and specs are tentative as they may just be placeholders until official announcements come from Dell.

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Dell Studio Hybrid: Little, colored, different… for Canada

August 31st at 9:01 AM

Dell Studio Hybrid: Little, colored, different… for Canada

Since you Canadians got the Blackberry Bold first, you had to wait for these – but now the wait is over. If giant towers are cramping your style, check out Dell’s new line of Studio Hybrids. You’ll also be happy to know, if you’re at all environmentally conscious, that these are Dell’s “greenest, most power-efficient desktop.” Like all of their machines, the Studio Hybrid is very customizable and comes in 6 different interchangeable color shells or bamboo. The disc slot will handle DVDs and Blu-Ray as an optional feature. Starting at $529, here are some of the features that can be had:

  • Intel® Pentium™ Dual Core T2390 (1.86GHz/533Mhz FSB/1MB cache)
  • Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic Service Pack 1
  • 1GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz (1 DIMM)
  • 160GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM)

Pretty good deal, eh?