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AT&T 4G LTE network found to be faster than Verizon’s

AT&T has a lot of work to do before its emerging 4G LTE network provides coverage that even approaches Verizon Wireless’s year-old LTE network. Verizon LTE covers more than 200 million people across >>

Hands on with Verizon’s 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Verizon Wireless just sent us the 4G LTE-equipped version of Samsung’s flagship Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and we’re ready to deliver our initial impressions. First things first: this should go without >>

Sprint MiFi / Verizon MiFi: road tested

Some of you might be privy to a little bit of confidential BGR info, but for those of you who are not: I went to Chicago recently. In a car. Besides me harboring >>

Welcome to Carrier Wars; next up, Verizon Wireless

You knew we weren’t going to leave well enough alone — it’s just not our style. Following yesterday’s post calling out AT&T for terrible 3G service in the NYC area and the subsequent >>

The nation's fastest 3G network… Part 2

Well the numbers are in folks, and we’re pretty surprised to reveal that AT&T’s 3G network might not be the travesty many thought it was. Don’t get us wrong — it is in >>