Motorola DROID 2 has lowest smartphone return rate on Verizon Wireless?

September 4th at 3:32 PM

Motorola DROID 2 has lowest smartphone return rate on Verizon Wireless?

On the fence about the Motorola DROID 2? Wondering if people are happy with the device? Well, we have been told that the Motorola DROID 2, according to one of our connects, has the lowest smartphone return rate on Verizon Wireless. Not only are people apparently thrilled with the device, but that pesky fluctuation issue with the antenna doesn’t seem to be a problem either, as we have also been informed that the DROID 2 has one of the lowest dropped call rates on the carrier. Who knew.


The entire Steve Jobs email story… It's real

July 3rd at 3:10 PM

The entire Steve Jobs email story… It's real

Apple Logo-Black + White


I obviously wanted to be 100% sure about this before I posted a follow up post, but before I go into the details, I’d like you all to know about how we operate over here…

Yes, BGR runs rumors and information that is not always completely confirmed. That is part of the game we are in. What we and other quality sites do is research, confirm, and make our best editorial judgements before running information that is not yet confirmed. Over the past 5 years, I’ve had more exclusives in the mobile field than anyone or any site on the entire planet, and my accuracy rate has been ridiculously high. I’d guess above 95%.

It’s a knack, a gut feeling, a judgment call that you sometimes make when you are sharing valuable information that no one has ever reported on before. There have been countless, and I do mean countless things other fine writers at BGR and I have walked away from entirely. Not ridiculous tips like “the iPhone 7 has been released on Sprint and you can only buy it at Best Buy”, but rather high quality photos, or videos — things very hard to fake. And we walk away.

One recent example in memory actually is the Xbox Kinect. We had that exclusive story sent to us as an anonymous tip a day or two before Engadget published it, revealing it to the world. Someone sent to us a photo of the then unheard of motion-controlled Xbox accessory, and lightly detailed it for us. They worked at an ad agency and were filming this promo piece, so they snapped a quick photo and shot it over to us. We couldn’t independently confirm something so amazingly cool like a brand new way to experience and play video games, so we passed on running the story. Since we were the tipster’s favorite site, he sent it to us first, but still wanting to share the information, he sent it to Engadget who then ran the story. We’re not saying Engadget did a poor job from an editorial viewpoint because they might have confirmed the story with a source at Microsoft, but we specifically couldn’t, so we passed. That is just one example of hundreds on how journalists and reporters make decisions on whether to go with a story or not, and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Our reputation isn’t worth a small or large exclusive. There is no reason to burn our readers for a cheap uptick in traffic for a day or two. It is not how I or we operate, and never will be. More →


Apple iPhone 4 reservation breakdown by store

June 17th at 10:01 AM

Apple iPhone 4 reservation breakdown by store


One of our trusty Apple sources wrote us in to give us a breakdown on day one of Apple iPhone reservations. The information we have is from Apple stores only, this doesn’t include AT&T stores or Apple’s website, Best Buy or Radio Shack. We have also independently confirmed the information below.

  • A “large” New York Apple store had over 2,200 iPhone reservations
  • A “medium” sized Boston Apple store had over 800 reservations
  • One store in California had over 1,000 reservations, and another in California had over 1,400
  • A “small” Texas Apple store had over 900.

Note that these don’t include preorders, walk-in sales on launch day, or any white iPhones. So, it’s in addition to Apple’s 600,000 number. Can’t you tell how excited Apple is?


New Apple iPhone launching on June 18th?

June 4th at 4:21 PM

New Apple iPhone launching on June 18th?


We haven’t actually heard that date whispered, per se, but here is where our thinking is at. We have confirmed with multiple AT&T store reps that their sales quotas for the month of June are ridiculously high. Yes, this means the iPhone is confirmed to launch in June, not July. Knowing how many units stores received per day/week last year, if the iPhone launched in the last week of June, on Friday the 25th, we’re pretty sure the new sales quotas couldn’t be met (in-store orders don’t count as they don’t get recognized until the customer picks them up). We have heard stores having a 25-30% increase in their sales quota, so we’d like to think the next Apple iPhone will launch on Friday, June 18th. We’ll see pretty shortly.