Sonim XP3.20-E Quest and Land Rover S1 pass through the FCC

April 13th at 5:18 AM

Sonim XP3.20-E Quest and Land Rover S1 pass through the FCC

Sonim (yeah, you remember Sonim) just pushed its latest rugged handset through the FCC’s approval process earlier this month and it looks like we may soon have a new device to use and abuse. From the FCC documentation, the GSM phone will apparently be branded as either the Sonim XP3.20-E Quest or the Land Rover S1. The handset approved by the FCC will feature GSM/GPRS/EGPRS 1900MHz, Bluetooth, camera with flash and Sonim’s rugged good looks. No release date or pricing information has surfaced on this rough and tumble handset but it cant be too far away now.

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Sonim XP3 hands on review

December 9th at 8:20 AM

Sonim XP3 hands on review

The Sonim XP3 is dead and we have killed it. Thus begins our hands on review and the results of our torture test of the Sonim XP3 Enduro. Before we begin we wanted to give a big thanks to all of the BGR readers who posted suggestions. They were excellent! As for the tests we ended up choosing, we tried to stick to those that reflected what potential Sonim owners would encounter on a daily basis. Knowing that an elephant can step on it is one thing but it doesn’t help the folks who work (or play) outside in the rain and snow all day or those who are crazy adventurous enough to ride their motorcycle in the rain. Before we get to the results of the torture tests and how the Sonim stands up to its claim of being the worlds’ toughest phone, we wanted to give our overall impressions of the phone from a phone point of view. Hit the jump to see how the Sonim stacks up both as a phone and the world’s most durable device.

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Sonim XP3 unboxing

November 21st at 12:25 PM

Sonim XP3 unboxing

Sonim XP3

Well look what we have here – Sonim’s latest rugged wonder phone, the XP3. A feature-filled upgrade to the XP1, the XP3 sports the same rugged and durable design that made its predecessor famous. The XP3 is a GSM phone with a 128 x 160 anti-glare and shock resistant screen, Bluetooth, flashlight and a three-year no questions asked guarantee. Those features are just icing on the cake, here are the specs that really matter:

  • IP57 certified waterproof and submersible for 30 minutes at up to 1 meter in water
  • MIL-810F certification for salt, fog, humidity, transport shock and thermal shock
  • Hardened rubber, non-porous exoskeleton
  • Withstands shock-drops up to 2 meters on concrete
  • Impervious to sand, dust, mud and industrial micro-particles
  • Operational range between -20C and +60C
  • Scratch resistant protective screen
  • Keypad buttons tested to 500,000 pushes

Sonim told us to push the phone to its limits and that is definitely what we intend to do. Then we thought to ourselves, who better to come up with some hardcore “torture” tests for our XP3 than the fine readers of BGR? No, we won’t be driving to the Grand Canyon to toss the XP3 in or strapping C4 to it, but give us a shout in the comments and let us know what damage you think we should inflict upon this phone. We will pick a handful of suggestions, capture them on video and include them in our full review.

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