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Samsung to offer touchscreen-equipped Windows 8 PC in 2012

Head of sales and marketing for Samsung’s personal computer business Uhm Kyu Ho confirmed recently that his company will launch a Windows 8-powered computer during the second half of next year. The device >>

Windows 7 can be tablet-friendly after all [video]

Microsoft doesn’t have plans to release its upcoming tablet-friendly Windows 8 operating system until some time next year, but that doesn’t mean Windows fans have to wait for an optimized tablet experience. Windows >>

Windows 7 HP tablet device pictured again

Last week, we saw an HP slate device, running Winnows 7, make a not-so-short appearance on YouTube. Now, CNET has been sent in a set of images that further corroborate the video’s findings. The tablet, which the >>

HP Slate prototype gets videoed

Hey, what do we have here! It looks like a protoype of an HP slate device has made its way onto YouTube. The device, which runs a flavor of Windows 7, has that >>

HTC is not jumping into the tablet market

HTC confirmed on Friday that it is not going to produce a slate device in the immediate future; despite earlier rumors that the mobile handset giant had an Android and possibly Chrome version >>

HP Slate gets unofficially reviewed, officially dissed

Tech blog,, reportedly got its hands on a pre-release copy of the HP Slate and did a quick unofficial hands on review. The review, in Spanish and machine-translated by Google, is not >>