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Siri and Google Assistant go head to head in new comparison video

A lot has been made recently over Siri’s shortcomings as an intelligent personal assistant, especially relative to the capabilities of Google Assistant on Google’s new Pixel phones. Speaking to this point, Walt Mossberg not too long >>

The high-tech hotel of the future is already here

If the Starwood hotel chain has its way, the hotel room of the future will be more of a customizable set of experiences that listens to you and stands ready to cater to >>

Here’s what Siri looks like on your Mac

Hey, did you hear? Siri has a new home front and center in macOS! It’s going to be a few months until the changes roll out for everyone, but the first developer preview >>

The day Apple became one

Apple is the only company that owns a full set of smartphones, laptops, desktops, and wearables all running its own software. (Hi Windows Phone, you don’t count.) There’s always been a lingering question >>

The next version of Siri actually sounds amazing

Siri has been maligned and criticized in the press quite a bit lately. And rightfully so, Siri’s functionality these days objectively pales in comparison to what we’ve seen from companies like Google and >>