HTC repsonds to HD7 ‘death grip’ claims

December 2nd at 7:20 PM

HTC repsonds to HD7 ‘death grip’ claims

The hubbub hardly registered a blip on most people’s radar screens, but HTC recently found itself fielding some “death grip” claims related to its HD7 smartphone. The term death grip, in this context, was made famous earlier this year when customers found that a certain grip on Apple’s iPhone 4 would cause the handset to lose signal and drop calls. Apple uncharacteristically addressed the issue with a press conference, claiming most phones suffer similar issues when gripped near the antenna. Now, HTC’s HD7 is the latest smartphone to allegedly be affected by certain grips. In response to these claims, HTC made the following statement:

Quality in industrial design is of key importance to HTC. To ensure the best possible signal strength, antennas are placed in the area least likely to be covered by a person’s face or hands while the phone is in use. However, it is inevitable that a phone’s signal strength will weaken a little when covered in its entirety by a user’s palm or fingers. We test all of our phones extensively and are confident that under normal circumstances reception strength and performance will be more than sufficient for the operation of the phone when network coverage is also adequate.

BGR reviewed the HTC HD7 last month and did not find attenuation to be an issue during normal usage. More →


DROID X ad takes a shot at iPhone 4 antenna woes

June 30th at 3:21 PM

DROID X ad takes a shot at iPhone 4 antenna woes


Apparently Motorola thinks the antenna issues that are plaguing the iPhone 4 are a laughing matter. Based upon this full page ad that was published in today’s New York Times, we’d have to agree.

“[…] And most importantly, it comes with a double antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like and use it just about anywhere to make crystal clear calls. You have a voice. And you deserve to be heard.

That’s gotta sting a bit, no? Hit the bounce to check out the ad in full-sized glory!

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