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T-Mobile Sidekick LX Unboxing

Not happy to let the T-Mobile Sidekick be the only device to keep its name, T-Mobile has, as you all know, released the update to the Sidekick LX named… the Sidekick LX. Similarities >>

Hands on with the new T-Mobile Sidekick LX

Last night T-Mobile held a private launch event for the upcoming Sidekick LX and your pals at BGR just couldn’t stay away. After all, T-Mobile most definitely knows how to throw a party. >>

Live pics of the AT&T Quickfire

Well what do we have here? Live shots of AT&T’s upcoming answer to the T-Mobile Sidekick just came in courtesy of one of our ninjas and we thought we might as well share >>

Sidekick Gekko manual leaks, confirms handset…again

As if we needed any more evidence of the impending arrival of the Sidekick Gekko, got their hands on several pages from the handset’s product manual. The manual confirms a number of >>