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Apple files new patent suit against Samsung

Apple on Friday filed a new patent infringement lawsuit in South Korea alleging that multiple Samsung products are infringing its patents. “It is no coincidence that Samsung’s latest products look a lot like >>

Apple adds more Samsung products to copycat lawsuit

In April, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung for intellectual property violations and alleged that Samsung’s Galaxy S, Nexus S, Epic 4G, and Galaxy Tab products, among others, were copycat devices that all-to-closely >>

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G images uncovered

Following T-Mobile’s confirmation last week that it would soon launch an HSPA+ compatible Sidekick sequel, leaked images of the Sidekick 4G have been revealed. Enthusiast blog TmoNews published the images on Thursday along >>

T-Mobile myTouch Slide to end all Sidekick sales?

We’ve been briefed on what appears to be T-Mobile’s game plan regarding Sidekick devices. The information comes from a new tipster so we haven’t┬áindependently┬áconfirmed it. With that said, we have been told that >>

Google Android Personal Thoughts

This is an add-on to the Google Nexus One review… I have issues with Android and Google’s approach to it. I think it’s an amazing concept — people holding hands, skipping down sugar-encrusted >>