Expandrive for Mac updated to version 2.0

April 25th at 4:01 PM

Expandrive for Mac updated to version 2.0

Back in February we reviewed a great little piece of software for OS X and Windows called Expandrive. In a nutshell, Expandrive makes interacting with FTP servers as easy as interacting with an external hard drive or a networked drive. FTP connections appear as drives and you can browse them and drag/drop files just as if you were using Finder or Windows Explorer — because, well, you are using Finder or Windows Explorer. During this past week, Expandrive announced a major upgrade in the form of version 2.0 for Mac and if you’re an Expandrive user, you need to check it out asap. Brief change log:

  • All new SFTP Layer
  • Up to three times faster when transferring large files
  • New metadata-caching architecture that is faster and more reliable
  • Experimental support to detect updates made on the server within ~20 seconds.
  • Utilizes OpenSSH to take advantage of Kerberos auth, public key auth, etc on Leopard.
  • Amazon S3 support — access Amazon S3 accounts like a filesystem, connecting to the root or an individual bucket
  • Refreshed GUI with customizable drive icons
  • In line eject/show in finder buttons
  • Many many enhancements to FTP/FTPS, no longer in beta

There is a caveat, however. As the new build is essentially a new app, upgrades are not free for everyone. If you purchased Expandrive within the past 60 days, you’re good to go at no cost. If you purchased the program before then, an upgrade to 2.0 will run you $19.95. New users enjoy a 30 day free trial and then it’s $39.95 to stick with it.



ExpanDrive: FTP that doesn’t suck

February 25th at 5:18 PM

ExpanDrive: FTP that doesn’t suck

With the advent of intelligent one-to-one file sharing solutions such as Streamfile and the increasing popularity of great cloud storage and sharing solutions such as Dropbox and Syncplicity, FTP’s days are numbered. Why bother with unsightly FTP software and annoying server settings when a solution like Syncplicity will allow you to securely share any directory in about five seconds? The answer: You don’t have to. Massachusetts-based ExpanDrive offers two solutions, one for Mac and one for PC, that will make you look at FTP in a whole new light and think twice before shelling out big bucks for a trendy cloud storage solution.

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