Windows Phone 7 ported to the HTC HD2 again, shows more promise [Updated]

November 7th at 9:33 AM

Windows Phone 7 ported to the HTC HD2 again, shows more promise [Updated]

If we had to choose one phone to represent Windows Mobile 6.5, it would have to be the HTC HD2. On release, the handset stood a country mile ahead of any other smartphone available on the platform. Unfortunately, soon after its release, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 and confirmed there would be no OS upgrade path for Windows 6.5 hardware. This hasn’t stopped eager developers from trying to port the latest OS onto their more than capable hardware, though. Previous attempts have been half-baked, often missing some major functionality. The folks over at XDA China have released pictures and a 2 minute video showing off the latest port. The video shows the phone powering on and booting to the home screen with no hiccups. The UI looks snappy, and we really can’t see much wrong with the port, however the video stops short of showing any functional apps or even making a phone call. HD2 owners will want to keep an eye out for any further developements, in order to get their ticket to the Windows Phone 7 party.

Update: Another video has materialized, showing the HD2 and HD7 running side-by-side and also making functional phone calls–looking good!

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MythBusters renew contract, no myth safe for next seven years

July 30th at 3:34 PM

MythBusters renew contract, no myth safe for next seven years

Myths be warned! At Comic Con last Saturday, MythBusters stars Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Grant Imahara, Tory Bellici and Kari Byron took the stage to promote their show’s upcoming season. The gang also announced that they have renewed their contract for a full seven years with the Discovery Network. Appeasing the Comic Con crowd, Adam Savage clamored that they were willing to take on more superhero myths. Anyone out there a fan of the ‘Busters? Any favorite myths?

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Wi-Fi Alliance outs HTC "MEGA 100 Series"

July 20th at 11:30 AM

Wi-Fi Alliance outs HTC "MEGA 100 Series"

More from HTC this morning as the W-Fi Alliance strikes again. Wi-Fi Alliance revelations are a bit of a mixed blessing actually. On one hand, we learn of the existence of a potentially sweet new handset. On the other hand, we pretty much get no details about said device. Such is the case with the HTC “MEGA 100 Series”. Odd name aside, all we know about HTC’s forthcoming phone is that, well, it’s a phone and it has Wi-Fi 802.11b/g on board. Great. The rest is a mystery for the time being, though unsubstantiated speculation suggests it could be a Touch 3G-like handset running Windows Mobile 6.5. We shall see.

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