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Apple iPad OS 3.2 GM available

Apple just updated the Developer Center with the iPad’s GM build of 7B367 (the shipping OS) as well as the new corresponding SDK. We can taste Saturday already… Have fun. UPDATE: The file >>

Android 2.1 SDK released to developers

The Nexus One burst onto the scene rocking Android 2.1 and now developers can finally get their hands on the SDK for this latest Android release. The SDK offers minor improvements from Android >>

DROID to get an OTA update in the "coming weeks"

Alongside today’s release of Android SDK 2.0.1, Verizon Wireless has announced that an OTA update for the Motorola DROID will be available “within the coming weeks.” What’s in line to be fixed? Voice >>

Oh hi, developers; Palm opens Mojo SDK

Developers, start your engines. It’s been a long time coming but Palm’s Mojo SDK — the Software Development Kit that facilitates application development on the webOS platform — is finally ready for prime >>

Palm's Mojo SDK leaks out to the masses

Oops. Following Palm’s decision to let some new devs into the early access program yesterday, the company’s apparent worst nightmare just came true: People can play actually with the Mojo SDK. Nooooooooo. One >>