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Android 2.0 SDK gets official

Looks like Google wanted to break some Android 2.0 news of their own — as of today, the Android development community will have access to the 2.0 API’s in the Android SDK. Several >>

Oh hi, developers; Palm opens Mojo SDK

Developers, start your engines. It’s been a long time coming but Palm’s Mojo SDK — the Software Development Kit that facilitates application development on the webOS platform — is finally ready for prime >>

Maemo 5 Beta SDK is now ripe for the picking

Nokia’s Internet Tablets haven’t exactly been a massive success on the user adoption front but Nokia isn’t one to give up. While the company did recently bail on the latest iteration of its >>

Developer speaks out on Palm WebOS Mojo SDK

After seeing the massive amount of buzz Palm generated surrounding the announcement of its Pre and new mobile operating system WebOS, mobile developers are undoubtedly just as excited as everyone else to get >>