Bluetooth SIG confirms Alltel-bound Samsung u450 Intensity

August 26th at 1:01 PM

Bluetooth SIG confirms Alltel-bound Samsung u450 Intensity

Oh, divested Alltel customers — did you think you were going to get the shaft again? Cheer up, as half of the dynamic duo for which we exclusively scooped Verizon launch dates this morning is headed your way. Unfortunately, it’s Robin and not Batman. The upcoming Samsung u450 Intensity is indeed headed your way according to Bluetooth SIG. Sure it’s not as sexy as the Rogue but all you maniacal messaging fiends out there will surely welcome a budget Bluetooth 2.0+EDR-rocking, side-sliding QWERTY into your families, won’t you? No word yet on pricing or a release date but considering the handset is hitting Verizon at $30 on a 2-year contract, we would expect Alltel’s pricing to be in the same ballpark on a 1-year contract.

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Upcoming Verizon handsets: Motorola Sholes, BlackBerry Curve 2, BlackBerry Storm 2, more

August 23rd at 4:18 PM

Upcoming Verizon handsets: Motorola Sholes, BlackBerry Curve 2, BlackBerry Storm 2, more

We just got hit with a nice outline of some of Verizon Wireless’ upcoming handset release dates, and boy do they look appetizing. First up is the Motorola Sholes, a phone most of us assumed wouldn’t be launching until very late in the year. According to the information we obtained, it looks as if we could see that handset hit Verizon as early as October. See that Nokia Twist 7705? Any bets what that will be? Our sheet shows it landing on VZW in late September with an estimated $230 subsidized price.

Next up is the LG Chocolate Touch which should hit in October for around $230 as well as an HTC Razzle/Blitz 2 (maybe marketing confusion or two different devices? If you know, drop a comment). The rumored Samsung Intensity gets a September launch date at $130, but what you’ve really been waiting for is the BlackBerry stuff, right?

Our roadmap pegs the BlackBerry Storm 2 for launch in October with an undisclosed price (we’d guess $199), and while that’s great and all, the BlackBerry Curve 2 is more intruiging. Since the BlackBerry CDMA lineup doesn’t see as many devices as their GSM counterpart, we assume that’s why the BlackBerry Curve 8530 will launch as the BlackBerry Curve 2 marketing name. Cost isn’t disclosed for that one as well, but with a late November launch window and some smart moves by Verizon, we could probably assume that’s going to run $49.99 – $99.99. Full photos after the jump, guys!

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