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Sprint’s HTC Kingdom 4G Android phone detailed

HTC enthusiast forum 911sniper has gotten its hands on a ROM from the HTC Kingdom, an unannounced Android 2.3.3 smartphone that we now know to be headed to Sprint. We’ve seen the Kingdom >>

Verizon HTC Trophy Windows Phone pops up at Best Buy

Rumors that the HTC Trophy will land on Verizon Wireless have been swirling since last year,  but the carrier has yet to make an official announcement. That may change soon, as the Trophy >>

T-Mobile's G-Slate set to launch April 20th?

Looking for a Honeycomb tablet? Not a fan of the XOOM? You’re in luck. The gang over at TmoNews have been sent in the above screen shot that indicates T-Mobile’s G-Slate, Android 3.0 >>

New Apple hire ignites composite product rumors

We would like to extend a warm, Apple-rumor fueled welcome to Mr. Kevin Kenney. Technology blogs have picked up on the hiring of Kenney, a San Francisco-based mechanical engineer, by iDevice maker Apple >>