Rover News

NASA’s new Mars rover is completely insane

Thus far, NASA has landed a total of four rovers on Mars, and while the conversation surrounding sending humans to the red planet is a hot topic, there are no concrete plans to >>

Nokia N900 gets official

Our favorite Finnish phonies haven’t exactly been building a mystery in the months and weeks leading up to today, but the countless Nokia fans waiting for Rover to sit and stay have cause >>

T-Mobile-bound Nokia Rover clears FCC; get ready for Maemo 5

Having apparently (finally) given up on the Internet Tablet strategy of old, we’ve been anxiously awaiting more confirmed news with regards to Nokia’s forthcoming Maemo-powered handset codenamed Rover. As it were, a not >>

Nokia N900 pops up in promo video

Leave it to our eagle eyed readers to dig through the depths of YouTube and emerge with some sweet eye candy. During a purported presentation last October from Axel Meyer, head of Nseries >>