Motorola DROID X gets rooted

July 22nd at 8:36 AM

Motorola DROID X gets rooted


All that hoopla about Motorola using e-fuse to brick DROID Xs seems like a thing of the past doesn’t it? Thanks to some serious Android noodling by a user named Birdman, the DROID X has been successfully rooted! In order to acquire root you have to follow a relatively simple twelve step process which is detailed in full over at Hit up the read link to give it a shot, and do let us know how you make out!

UPDATE: The original root was discovered by, and is liked to here. More →


HTC Incredible rooted

July 16th at 9:33 AM

HTC Incredible rooted

Incredible Root unrevoked

Yesterday, the folks over at unrEVOked released their “painless root and re-flash” kit for the HTC DROID Incredible. If you have an itching for the #, or just want to otherwise dominate your Incredible, hit up the read link to download the unrevoked^3 root kit.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

[Via DROID-Life] More →