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Apple's iPhone 4 China debut, 100,000 units in four days

Vice President of China Unicom, Li Gang, told reporters that his company has completely sold through their first shipment of iPhone 4s. The shipment, which totaled 100,000 units, took just four days to >>

Target to begin selling iPads October 3

Today, Big box retailer Target announced that they will be carrying all 6 models of Apple’s iPad in time for the holiday season. The Big Red Bullseye will begin selling Apple’s 10-inch tablet >>

L.A. Times: Blockbuster to file Chapter 11 next month

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the once mighty Blockbuster will file for bankruptcy as early as next month. The Times quotes anonymous sources “familiar with the matter” in the report and explains that >>

LG's android tablet to drop in Q4 2010

LG announced earlier this month that it was launching an Android-powered tablet as part of its new Optimus brand. On Thursday, the Korean company confirmed that it will be launching this Android tablet >>

UPDATED: Dell Streak goes on sale tomorrow in U.S.

You can’t pre-order yourself a Dell Streak anymore, but that really doesn’t matter all that much. According to the company’s website, you can purchase your new Dell Streak — regular order style &mdash >>