Apple fails to meet reseller demand for 13-inch MacBook Air

August 23rd at 3:04 PM

Apple fails to meet reseller demand for 13-inch MacBook Air

Apple has not been able to provide “significant stock” of its new 13-inch MacBook Air notebooks to its indirect reseller channels, including Amazon and Best Buy, AppleInsider reported on Tuesday. Best Buy’s website says it is sold out online while Amazon is currently selling the 128GB and 256GB models for $250 more than the computer’s MSRP. Apple’s web store currently says the computer will ship within 24 hours of purchase and AppleInsider’s checks with 10 stores around the United States revealed that the Cuptertino-based company has had relatively no issues keeping the device in stock in its own retail channels. Only one Los Angeles Apple Store said it was sold out the 13-inch 128GB model. Apple revealed its mid-2011 MacBook Air family on July 20th and the computers were upgraded with Intel’s Core i5 and Core i7 processors and a Thunderbolt I/O port. More →


AT&T’s services, products being pulled from third-party retailers

February 22nd at 5:59 PM

AT&T’s services, products being pulled from third-party retailers

It looks like AT&T is aiming to recapitalize on revenues generated from handset sales. Several third-party wireless resellers — including Wirefly — have reported that beginning this March, they will no longer offer AT&T devices or services. In a letter to customers, Wirefly CEO, Andy Zeinfeld, noted that his company is committed to providing great selection and savings along with straightforward pricing; something Mr. Zeinfeld said is no longer possible with AT&T.

“It is with regret that I must inform you that effective March, 2011, we will no longer offer AT&T products and services on,” writes Mr. Zeinfeld.

Wirefly is not, however, the only one being put on AT&T probation. Online retailer LetsTalk sent out the following note to its affiliates:

Effective March 8th, 2011, LetsTalk as well as other web indirect agents […], will no longer be able to offer AT&T Wireless as a carrier option to our customers.  The primary reasons given for this change in AT&T’s business strategy were centered around AT&T cost savings and retrenchment.

It is still unclear how other independent, third-party retailers — like Amazon Wireless — will be affected; the “business strategy” that AT&T modified causing this third-party exodus is also unknown.

Wirefly declined to further comment on the situation and AT&T did not respond to BGR‘s request for a statement. More →


Apple iPad available for $399 from TJ Maxx and Marshalls

November 19th at 12:34 PM

Apple iPad available for $399 from TJ Maxx and Marshalls

We’re not sure exactly what’s going on here, but reports started surfacing yesterday evening that some TJ Maxx store locations had Apple’s iPad on sale for $399. Those reports have been confirmed, with the 16GB Wi-Fi model quickly selling out at most TJ Maxx stores with that amazing price. The Twilight music isn’t getting any softer, however, as now Marshall’s stores are also retailing the device for $399. The pricing is lower than authorized Apple retailer’s cost, and no one is sure if the merchandise is coming direct from Apple or somewhere else. The $399 pricing is also much less than Apple’s own site is selling refurbished iPads for at $449. Black Friday blowout? Clearing inventory for the iPad 2 in January / February? Who knows, but $399 for Apple’s 10-inch tablet with no contract is the best deal on the planet, and they sure as heck know that.


Fusion Garage’s joojoo resuscitated, now targeting vertical markets

November 17th at 6:17 PM

Fusion Garage’s joojoo resuscitated, now targeting vertical markets

Will wonders never cease? The joojoo, a 12-inch Linux-based tablet that was supposedly tied to a tree just last week, will in fact not be put out to pasture as had been reported last week. Instead, Fusion Garage has enlisted the help of reseller partner ASTExC to give the tablet a makeover. Osaka Japan-based ASTEC will up the device’s internal storage to 16GB and then further “customize joojoo for business applications.” Fusion Garage is even on the hunt for more partners to, “utilize alternative operating systems such as Linux and Microsoft Windows in joojoo.” A Windows-powered joojoo? Consider our interest piqued.

Fusion Garage did confirm that the joojoo tablet would no longer be available direct to consumers, however, stating that the option to purchase the device would be removed from the joojoo website on November 19th. The company also confirmed that it is working on new tablets based on a custom Android build, and it is targeting the first half of 2011 for launches. “We are very pleased by the rapidly increasing vertical market interest in joojoo,” Fusion Garage founder and CEO, Chandra Rathakrishnan said in a statement. “Companies such as ASTEC are able to do some very innovative customization of the product and enable joojoo to be used in business applications that go beyond our consumer focus. At the same time, this marks the end of joojoo as a product and a brand for Fusion Garage. We have learned a lot and will carry forward insight gained from joojoo to our new generation of products that we will introduce in the first half of 2011.”

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Apple delays shipping of 27-inch iMacs, faulty graphics card to blame?

December 13th at 10:03 AM

Apple delays shipping of 27-inch iMacs, faulty graphics card to blame?


It has been a rocky road for Apple’s over-sized 27-inch iMac. Back in November, customers filled Apple’s forums with complaints — brand new iMacs were received by happy customers who proceeded to discover that their shiny, new Apple hardware was either DOA or horribly damaged in transit. Apple was reportedly helpful to affected customers and quickly addressed the issue. It would be nice for Apple if that was the end of the story. Unfortunately, Apple’s happy ending is not yet in sight. Fast forward to December when the holiday shopping season is in full swing and these lust-worthy iMacs should be selling and shipping at a hectic pace. Rather than shipping, several Apple resellers are claiming that the 27-inch iMacs have been shelved for at least two weeks while Apple attempts to solve display problems that have been plaguing this iMac line. The problem is thought to be caused by faulty ATI graphics cards, a scenario that regrettably is not new. Remember the 2008 MacBook Pro and its faulty NVIDIA graphics card? In addition to the breakage problem, other reported issues with the 27-inch iMac display include intermittent flickering and screens that have a yellow hue. The problem is so widespread that Scott Pronych, a disgruntled iMac owner and website designer, created a website dedicated to logging and tracking complaints with the 27-inch iMac. With Apple reportedly replacing the graphics cards on the iMac, the outlook for procuring this 27-inch behemoth in time for the holiday season is grim. Apple’s online store lists the 27-inch iMac as shipping in two weeks with similar delays seen at third party retailers. And since Apple is Apple, they’re characteristically mum on the subject, so we will be looking for the Apple support document admitting culpability detailing the problem sometime soon.

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