Motorola DROID 2 has FM radio receiver, hack

September 27th at 1:59 PM

Motorola DROID 2 has FM radio receiver, hack

Have a hankering for that old-fashioned frequency modulation (FM) radio?  A member of the XDA forums has successfully ported several Motorola DROID X files over to the DROID 2 allowing the FM radio application to function on the QWERTY-slider handset. All that is required is a rooted DROID 2 and a fair amount of patience. Hit the read link to view the full instructions sheet. More →


Sling Media debuts four new OEM placeshifting media devices at CES 2010

January 6th at 11:48 AM

Sling Media debuts four new OEM placeshifting media devices at CES 2010

slingbox-all4 devices-600

Sling is coming to Vegas with four new placeshifting media devices that will allow you to sling your HD content around your house, control your Sling media with the touch of a finger and, in typical slingbox fashion, access your content on portable media devices while on the go. The four products include the following:

  • Slingbox 700U – a traditional Slingbox that will connect to an internet-connected set top box via USB
  • Sling Monitor 150 – a remote monitor which displays HD streaming media from an in-network Slingbox
  • Sling Receiver 300 – a companion device which will stream HD media from an in-network slingbox to a remote TV
  • Sling Touch 100 – a touch-enabled remote control with a UI based upon the SlingGuide electronic program guide and the ability to control SlingGuide-enabled DVRs and most line of sight controlled AV equipment

All four devices are targeted for television service providers so they may attract new customers and are not for general consumption. We know, we know. Hit the jump for the full press release and press photos of each device. More →


OQO now offering customized GPS unit

May 20th at 5:26 PM

OQO now offering customized GPS unit

The OQO 02 has always seemed like the perfect match for purpose-built GPS unit. Thanks to Garmin, that dream is now a reality. The two companies have combined forces to bring a special OQO-edition Garmin GPS unit. The bundle includes a Garmin Mobile PC adapter, RAM car mount, and a car/airplane power adapter. Garmin apparently customized the user interface to match the OQO UI. We haven’t had a chance to test it just yet, but we’re pretty confident that both companies are capable of pulling this off successfully. It’s available now for $237. Hit the link for more info!

UPDATE: The software and GPS receiver is only $99. The whole set of accessories with mount, charger, and extra fun stuff is $237.