RIM's Balsillie responds to Jobs, 'customers are getting tired of being told what to think by Apple'

October 19th at 4:18 PM

RIM's Balsillie responds to Jobs, 'customers are getting tired of being told what to think by Apple'

For those of you not following the Apple earnings-call soap opera, let us give you a brief recap. Yesterday, during the Cupertino company’s Q4 conference call, CEO Steve Jobs joined the broadcast to speak with investors — an uncommon but not unprecedented move. Jobs then began to take questions and throw verbal jabs at several industry players including Google, application maker TweetDeck, HTC, Motorola, and Research In Motion.

Google’s Andy Rubin responded to Jobs’ claim that Android’s “openness” was slang for “fragmented” with a comical tweet, as did TweetDeck founder Iain Dodsworth; Jobs insinuated that developing TweetDeck for Android was a “nightmare” due to the platform’s fragmentation. Motorola and HTC, who Jobs called out for “skinning” Android, have — up to this point — kept quiet. Who’s left? Research In Motion.

Mr. Jobs noted that Apple sold 14.1 million iPhones in its Q4 which was far more than RIM’s latest quarterly blowout of 12 million handsets. Having a flare for the dramatic, and — especially lately — not wanting to take any slack from Apple, RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie released a statement in response to Jobs’ innuendoes. Some key takeaways from Mr. Balsillie’s publishing: there are people who live both inside and outside of “Apple’s distortion field,” people care about Adobe’s Flash, and 7-inch tablets are cool. Hit the jump to see the full rant-rebuttal from RIM’s Jim Balsillie. More →


PSP 2 soon to get a major revision? Not according to Sony

January 27th at 2:12 PM

PSP 2 soon to get a major revision? Not according to Sony

According to sources close to IGN, the rumored PSP 2 is a reality and may be coming sooner than expected. The updated PSP will reportedly sport a widescreen display with a multi-touch interface for in game control and menu navigation. An internal survey supposedly from Sony also reveals that Sony is considering a wide range of potential upgrades for the PSP 2, including internal storage options, GPS, bluetooth, keyboard, social networking functionality and nationwide wireless network connectivity. Unfortunately, all these details provided by IGN are without merit according to Sony. In a statement that both refutes the rumored claims and hands a big old fashioned smack down to IGN, Sony responds by saying:

Clearly, being a quiet time of year, many, what we thought to be credible websites, are making up stories about PSP2, and how it allows you to teleport across the globe, travel through time, and will be powered by the horns of baby rhinoceroses. Hopefully, you can sense a mild tone of sarcasm, which should hopefully indicate how ‘on the money’ IGN are. Needless to say, we don’t comment on rumour or speculation, but this is nonsense.

The entire matter is open to interpretation at this point. IGN may be spot on and Sony may be doing some quick “sweeping the rumor under the carpet” action. Likewise, IGN may be way off base and Sony is lashing out at baseless rumors that get people hyped up for a product with specs that will never be delivered. One thing is for sure, one company, be it IGN or Sony, will have egg on its face when all is said and done.

[Via IGN]