RapidShare unveils Dropbox competitor: RapidDrive

July 6th at 6:10 PM

RapidShare unveils Dropbox competitor: RapidDrive

RapidShare RapidDrive Dropbox

RapidShare this week unveiled a new cloud sync and storage solution called RapidDrive. The service competes directly with offerings such as Dropbox and SugarSync, integrating directly with a computer’s file system interface and providing local storage that syncs automatically with remote servers. “With RapidDrive, we are providing a tool that creates an even closer link between cloud storage and the PC environment, which makes it easier to manage files,” RapidShare CEO Alexandra Zwingli said. “RapidDrive is an essential means of simplifying work processes, especially for customers who are regular users of RapidShare at work.” RapidPro customers have access to RapidDrive at additional cost, and the software currently supports Windows only. RapidShare’s press release follows below.

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