Sprint gets super serious about the prepaid mobile market

May 6th at 12:00 AM

Sprint gets super serious about the prepaid mobile market


Some huge news this evening in the world of prepaid mobiles as Sprint has announced its new strategies for Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. With some 60 million Americans using prepaid mobiles, Sprint feels the time is right to make an all-out assault on the market. Said Sprint’s Dan Schulman: “This is the year that prepaid moves to the forefront of the wireless industry. In the first quarter of 2010, more than half of the mobile gross additions in the U.S. selected prepaid, and we predict that approximately 70% of the net adds in 2010 will choose plans without a contract,” adding that “the no-contract market has clearly moved beyond the credit-challenged and lower income segments.” Here’s what’s in the pipeline.

As of May 12th, Virgin Mobile will begin offering Beyond Talk plans. Ranging from $25 to $60 per month, each plan includes unlimited SMS/MMS, email, data and web. The $25 plan includes 300 minutes, the $40 plan 1,200 minutes and the $60 plan has unlimited minutes. Throw in an extra $10 per month and you’ll be able to hook a BlackBerry up to BIS. Yes, you read that right. $35 for a BlackBerry with unlimited data. If you’re a bit puzzled as to why Virgin is more focused on data and texts over voice minutes, the reason is simple: the amount of voice minutes used by young adults continues to plummet as email, IM and SMS grows at a rate of 150% during the years 2007 to 2009. Factor in 1800% growth in mobile data in this segment and it’s pretty obvious Virgin is one of the few companies that actually caters to the demands of its customers. This brings us to its new handsets. Virgin Mobile will be bringing the LG Rumor Touch and Rumor 2 ($149.99 and $89.99, both only available off contract), and Kyocera Loft ($69.99) into the fold with the BlackBerry Curve 8530 launching at the end of May with a retail price of $299.99.

As for Boost, not much is new in terms of plans (keep in mind it just announced that unlimited calls to 411, email and IM were recently added to its $50 unlimited plan which also includes all the talking, texting and web you wish), but now we know for sure that it will soon be carrying the Samsung Rant and Kyocera Incognito, Mirror and Juno.

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LG Lotus, Samsung Rant and Highnote now available at Sprint

October 20th at 11:27 AM

LG Lotus, Samsung Rant and Highnote now available at Sprint

Ready for your buying pleasure from Sprint are two new QWERTY texting phones and one dual-sliding music phone. The LG Lotus and the Samsung Rant give texting fanatics two new choices for finger flying messaging. The LG Lotus is the more compelling of the two with a square design that looks like a someone took a steamroller to a flip phone. The flattened, wide phone enables LG to fit a full QWERTY keyboard and widescreen display in a flip form factor. Impressive if not a bit ugly looking, the LG Lotus is available in purple and black for $149 with a contract. Rounding out their QWERTY-enabled offering is the Samsung Rant. The Rant is a standard candy bar QWERTY slider with EV-DO, SprintTV and GPS that comes in at a low $49.99 contract price. Bright Red and Black are your choice of colors. If you prefer music to messaging then the Samsung Highnote may be your cup of tea. The Highnote features a dual slide that reveals stereo speakers when the LCD is slid down and a standard keypad when the LCD is slid up. It also has a rotating 5-way navigation ring for your music playing pleasure. The Highnote comes in Red and Blue and will set you back a reasonable $99 with contract. Nice to see Sprint getting some interesting new phones this season – what do you guys think?



It’s 95 degrees and I’m hot: the semi-rant about Apple

June 7th at 4:52 PM

It’s 95 degrees and I’m hot: the semi-rant about Apple

So, look. It’s blistering hot outside in the city, and I’d like to take the time in-between my ice baths to tell y’all something that’s been on my mind. You might have checked out some of the “leaked” 3G iPhone pictures that were out the last day or so. Are they real? Probably not. But here’s my point…Everyone is so certain that because the pictures are still online, the phone is fake. Because, you know, Apple legal would be on that like a German Shepherd on a Shih Tzu. Don’t ask, I just looked outside my window. But, that’s not obviously true. Steve doesn’t want his thunder stolen on Monday, and if Apple legal is demanding the pictures to be taken down, surely we’d know they were real. So, assuming the pictures are real, don’t expect to see them taken down anytime soon. And if they’re real, Apple leaves them up so you think they are fake. Get it? But this is all for nothing because the pictures probably aren’t real. Back to my ice bath.