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RadioShack to lose over 400 Sams Club kiosks

In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing made this past Friday, RadioShack stated that it will be losing more than 400 kiosks located in Sam’s Club stores across the country. The closures will >>

RadioShack takes $50 off Apple’s iPhone 4 and 3GS

RadioShack announced a limited-time promotion on Friday that offers a $50 discount on Apple’s iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. The promotion applies to brand new devices — not refurbished phones — and there >>

BGR’s guide to Black Friday 2010

You’re still stuffed from a supersized feast the day before but you manage to pry yourself out of bed hours ahead of sunrise. A quick shower does little to wash off the shame >>

Apple iPhone 4 reservation breakdown by store

One of our trusty Apple sources wrote us in to give us a breakdown on day one of Apple iPhone reservations. The information we have is from Apple stores only, this doesn’t include >>

RadioShack for sale?

This little tidbit of technology news is brought to you by the New York Post… stop laughing. The Post is reporting that technology retailer RadioShack — or “The Shack” as hipsters now say >>