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Samsung unveils four entry-level handsets

Despite it being another sleepy Sunday, yesterday Samsung decided it was good timeto announce four new entry-level handsets that it hopes will prove popular with the average consumer. Starting off with the S6700 >>

Nokia launches three new low-end devices

Today Nokia announced three new devices that it hopes will makes serious inroads in emerging markets. While they certainly aren’t much to write home about from a phoneaholic’s perspective, they are definitely interesting >>

Motorola introduces the MOTO W7 Active Edition

Today Motorola announced the MOTO W7 Active Edition, a 3G-enabled slider packing plenty of features that might appeal to those who live an active lifestyle. For starters, the MOTO W7 Active Edition features >>

HTC Maple to launch at CTIA?

If you thought the device pictured above was a BlackBerry we won’t hold it against you because the HTC Maple was made with stealing away BlackBerry users in mind. The successor to the >>