New silver Motorola Q9h with Windows Mobile 6.1 hits AT&T stores

August 19th at 4:14 PM

New silver Motorola Q9h with Windows Mobile 6.1 hits AT&T stores

This one kind of came out of nowhere, but it looks like AT&T stores across the country are beginning to take shipment of a new version of the Motorola Q9h. The new handset is chrome/silver in color, and looks pretty good if the image above is any indication. To our eyes, it looks like a cross between the new Bold and the Verizon BlackBerry 8830, which isn’t a bad homage at all. Also of note, this thing is shipping with Windows Mobile 6.1 out of the box. No word on pricing or release date, but if you head on down to your local AT&T corporate store and tell em BG sent ya’, you might be able to walk home with one today.

Thanks, Conrad!


BlackBerry Connect for Motorola Q 9h Updated

August 19th at 5:08 AM

BlackBerry Connect for Motorola Q 9h Updated

It looks like iPhone users aren’t the only ones getting some love on the software update front. We just got word that Q 9h users have a freshly-updated version of BlackBerry connect ready and waiting to go. Of course BlackBerry Connect allows users of non-BlackBerry hardware to make use of hosted or corporate BlackBerry email services. You know, the service that Nokia recently ditched. Here’s the official word along with instructions on how to snag the update:

A new version of the BlackBerry Connect software for the Motorola Q9H is now available. Users can download BlackBerry Connect software, desktop software, and documentation to their computer, and install the new version of BlackBerry Connect on to their device. Customers can also download and install the BlackBerry Connect software directly from their Motorola Q9H. (Note: for devices running Windows Mobile 6.1 you can use the Get BlackBerry Connect shortcut on the Start Menu->IM & Email folder. For devices running Windows Mobile 6.0, please enter the following URL into the browser: (

[Thanks, Christopher]