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Root keys for Sony’s PlayStation 3 go public

Famed iOS hacker geohot is utilizing his talents to aid the tinkering community of another platform, the PlayStation 3. Mr. Hotz has successfully acquired and published the root keys used by Sony’s popular >>

Sony on pace to sell 15 million PS3 consoles this year

Microsoft’s Kinect sensor may have stolen the show this holiday season, but it looks like Sony might have the last laugh. Kazuo Hirai, head of Sony’s games division, sat down with reporters on >>

Hulu's premium service coming to the PlayStation 3?

Amidst a rumor that Hulu may be rolling out is premium video service next week for testing, another rumor is surfacing that suggests the online video streaming company may be close to inking >>

PlayStation Move: $49.99 on September 19th

The wait for the PlayStation Move is finally over. Well, almost. Today at E3, Sony announced that the PlayStation move will be launching in North America on September 19th. This launch will be >>

Sony says majority of its PlayStation games to be 3D

According to Ray Maguire, head of Sony’s UK PlayStation division, the future will see the majority of first-person games for the PlayStation available in 3D; Macguire made the comment during a recent interview >>

Two new models of the Sony PS3 slim pass through the FCC

Sony may try to hide behind its shell company, Sand Dollar Enterprise, but those game savvy FCC equipment authorization miners know better. Spotted at the FCC and receiving approval for its Wi-Fi and >>