HTC to address camcorder audio problems on ThunderBolt

April 4th at 7:37 PM

HTC to address camcorder audio problems on ThunderBolt

HTC has reportedly confirmed a pesky bug impacting the audio on video recordings captured with Verizon Wireless’ new HTC ThunderBolt smartphone. The bug, according to several ThunderBolt owners who have taken to forums to discuss the issue, causes the audio to be muffled on video files captured using the device’s camcorder function. The bug is intermittent, so only some video recordings are affected. According to enthusiast blog Android Central, HTC has acknowledged the issue and has stated that a fix is currently in the works. In the meantime, third-party video recorders are seemingly unaffected by the bug, so there are several alternatives that can be used until HTC releases its fix. More →


Microsoft stops pushing Windows Phone update to Samsung devices; cites ‘technical issue’

February 23rd at 4:31 PM

Microsoft stops pushing Windows Phone update to Samsung devices; cites ‘technical issue’

Microsoft made news earlier this week when it began pushing its first software update to Windows Phone 7 handsets. The new code — which does not include the anticipated copy and paste functionality — has run into a small issue, Samsung phones. From the moment the code began hitting handsets, reports began popping up from users claiming that the update rendered their phones useless — most of these handsets were made by Samsung. Responding to an inquire from blog WinRumors, Microsoft noted that they have identified a “technical issue” in the update and have taken action.

“In response to this emerging issue, we have temporarily taken down the latest software update for Samsung phones in order to correct the issue,” wrote a Microsoft spokesperson.

The update that is currently wreaking havoc on Sammy hardware is, ironically, designed to improve Windows Phone’s update mechanism — which is being updated in advance of a major over-the-air code push next month. Microsoft hopes to release a revised update to the Windows Phone community soon. Any Windows Phone users out there been bitten by this nasty bug? More →


Monster headphones causing problems with iPhone, iPad and iPods [Updated]

November 1st at 11:52 AM

Monster headphones causing problems with iPhone, iPad and iPods [Updated]

If you own a pair of Apple-friendly Monster headphones that haven’t been very Apple-friendly lately, you’re not alone. A source at Apple recently told BGR that customers are complaining en masse of “erratic behavior” associated with music playback on Apple devices. The problems affect the iPhone, iPad and Apple’s iPod range, and include random pausing, playing and skipping forward or back through songs. Apple has determined internally that these problems are being caused by a variety of Monster headphone models that make improper use of Apple’s Remote and Mic technology despite advertising compatibility with Apple products. Specifically, the problematic models “use conductive flanges, which can result in electrical shorts that cause an iPod or iPhone to pause and play erratically.” According to Apple, these headphones “do not meet Apple’s technical specifications,” and the company is afraid customers might think Apple products are responsible for the associated malfunctions. Offending Monster headphones include the Jamz, Lil Jamz, Turbine Basic, Turbine Pro and Heartbeats product lines.

UPDATE: Monster has issued the following statement to BGR:

Monster was recently made aware by Apple that some of our Jamz™, Turbine™ and Heartbeats™ headphones with ControlTalk™ may experience some irregularities under certain circumstances (it does NOT affect ControlTalk™ Universal).  This irregularity potentially affects a very small fraction of our headphones and to this date we have received no customer complaints. However, because the customer experience is our top priority, Monster immediately stopped shipment of all potentially affected products.

With the exception of the black or chrome Heartbeats with ControlTalk™, this issue does not affect any other of the Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ products.  If you think you are experiencing a problem with one of the headphones listed below, please contact Monster customer service [] to receive a replacement.

Potentially affected products include ControlTalk versions of Lil Jamz™, Jamz™, Turbine™, Turbine Pro and Heartbeats™.

Hit the jump for another screen shot showing Apple’s full list of problematic Monster headphone models More →


IPhone 3G S plagued by sound issues?

June 20th at 12:22 PM

IPhone 3G S plagued by sound issues?

Are you enjoying your brand new iPhone 3G S? Did you get a 16GB or a 32GB? Well, that won’t matter if people are experiencing what we are. There seems to a problem with sound files on the 3G S and the result after they’re triggered. After they are done playing — like the unlock sound, SMS sound, for instance — the iPhone emits a high-frequency tone. No, we’re not kidding. Something pretty high around 15KHz. We’ve confirmed this isn’t a local isolated issue with our phone, and since some people can’t hear these types of high-pitched tones, your iPhone might produce it yet you’d never notice.

We’re 99% sure it’s software related because if you set the phone to vibrate, big surprise, no high-pitched tone. So, anyone out there experiencing this? It’s amazing this was skipped over in the many reviews published, but oh well. Hopefully Apple fixes it soon because this is kind of painful and pretty outrageous. Hit us up and let us know!