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Microsoft Kinect $150, Xbox 360 4GB $199

A Microsoft press release has just made official what many of us already knew: the Kinect sensor will retail for $149.99. However, our friends in Redmond didn’t stop there. Also announced was a >>

Samsung Captivate to launch on AT&T July 18th, $199

AT&T has just announced that the Samsung Captivate — Ma’ Bell’s version of the Galaxy S — will be available for purchase on July the 18th (T-minus 10 days). The Captivate sports a: 1 GHz >>

BlackBerry Storm teardown reveals $203 worth of parts

According to iSuppli, the cool cats that live to shed insight on the total dollar value of components in electronic devices, RIM’s BlackBerry Storm has about $203 worth of mediocrity jammed into its >>